High Purity Barium Chloride Dihydrate

Chemical Formula: BaCl2·2H20
Molecular Weight: 244.277
Cas No.: 10326-27-9
Index Name Index
BaCl2 ≥99.90%
Ca ≤0.0001%
Fe ≤0.0005%
Mg ≤0.0001%
Sr ≤0.0011%
Na ≤0.0003%
S ≤0.0003%
Pb ≤0.0004%
Si ≤0.0003%
Al ≤0.00005%
K ≤0.0004%


Character: Colourless, flat rhombus crystal, usually with two crystal water. Specific gravity 3.097(24/4°). Melting point 962℃. Boiling point 1560℃. Poisonous. Wash in water when getting in on the skin. After poisoning, take sodium sulphate or magnesium sulphate.


Use: As a raw material for producing barium salts, such as Barium ¢hydroxide, Barium Nitrate and Barium Carbonate, etc. Widely used in paper-making, dyestuff, rubber, plastic, ceramics, oil refining and petrochemical. Also used in metal heat treatment and sulfate removal in chlor alkali industry.


Storage: Keep dry and prevent damp.


Packing: Packed in polypropylene bag, loaded with polyethylene bag. Net weight 50or25kgs/bag.